The plant history

The Joint-Stock Company «Stal» was founded on basis of the shape and steel-casting workshop of Luhansk diesel locomotive plant in 1992.

Hitherto, as part of production association «Luhanskteplovoz» was one the largest steel casting sections production departments of the USSR Heavy Engineering Ministry for railway rolling stock.

The number of people employed at the enterprise at the time was more than 2200 employees of more than 30 professions.

The workshop produced about more than 30 thousand tons of steel foundings per year for diesel locomotive manufacture and as much again supplied collaboratively for 12 plants of six ministries.

Since 1985 the workshop was head by Vladimir Aleksandrovich Komissarenko. The person, who has passed his career from the mould operator position to the position of the large labour collective leader.

All men remember that recent age, when the volume of outputs at the plant were decreasing, and along volume decreasing became non-demanded and our steel feed for the plant. After the USSR disintegration because of economic ties dislocation, the demand in our products, that was supplied by us according to the cooperation plan had been decreased.

Up to 1992 the existing for decades planned system had been completely destroyed.

Komisarenko Vladimir Aleksandrovich addressed the workshop collective with offer to give their consent to the entirely new way of economy management at that time – the lease holding company starting-up.

As a result, in 1992 the steel foundry became the lease holding company, and in 1993 – open joint-stock company. open joint-stock company.

Regardless of all reformations, that have been occured with JSC «Stal», the enterprise does not lose touch with the plant. Directly for the plant in the joint-stock company are being manufactured various castings for diesel locomotives and electric trains services, journal-boxes. The new products manufacture for the Czech diesel locomotives of the ChS mode are at the preparatory stage, the new foundries are constantly being designed and implemented.

The Joint Stock Company «Stal»stages of formation – growth steps.

1929 – in December were installed the first stanchions of the workshop new bulk

1932 – the whole shape and steel plant was brought online

1944 – in April in the restored from the ruins plant the pill metall heat was processed

1953 – was put in commission the southern core shape and steel foundry

1992 – in April was set up the lease holding company «Steel»

1993 – in December the lease holding company was transformed into Joint Stock Company ”Stal”