The current state of the plant

Nowadays, our enterprise after careful analyses of heavy railway casting available technologies, has chosen the Company SAVELLI S.p.A. and its technology of forming process Formimpress®. On the new automatic line the enterprise will produce large castings.



The system of technological gas-supply reequipment with the liquid product container for air separation on the public joint stock company «Stal» corporate premises.


– The cryogenic tank SCS 20000/18,5 manufactured by «Taylor-Wharton Slovakia»;
– The atmospheric evapator CNLP 5x4x5000 manufactured by «Cryonorm B.V.».

The reequipped technological gas-supply system start up made possible for the plant to spare substantial funds on technical gases supply. The new technologies introduction also made possible to use gas supply system without fail, simplified its operation, advanced efficiency and furthered safety of its work.