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С Новым 2017 годом.


С Новым Годом, друзья и коллеги!
Снова счастье стучится в наш дом!
Значит, жизнь будет доброй навеки,
Значит, все мы невзгоды пройдем!
Механизмом единым вращаясь,
Наше дело стремиться вперед!
А за ним мы идем улыбаясь,
И продолжим идти каждый год!
С  Н о в ы м  г о д о м !

Congratulation on the 9th of May

            Expecting the Great Victory Day «with tears in their eyes» and with great heart tremor people hurry to congratulate each other on the coming Victory day. To express deep gratitude for few witnesses and partakers of those cruel and bloody days, that mowed away too many innocent lives, including women and children. It is not realistic to imagine all that pain, all that load, wherethrough our grandfathers had to pass. We are grateful them for all that, that they had made for future generations, for the Victory, for freedom, for life!!!!